illumiNITE is Proud to Be Made in the USA

Though the United States is one of the largest markets for apparel, up to 93% of the clothing sold here is manufactured in other countries. Here at illumiNITE, we’ve made a commitment to bringing overseas manufacturing back home and keeping our production on American soil because we understand that true quality control requires a local manufacturing process.

Developed in the USA

The development of illumiNITE took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by a team of MIT graduates with a passion for cycling. Recognizing the need for safety when riding and unsatisfied with the options available, they put their heads together to create illumiNITE's patented technology. The team envisioned a reflective glass bead infused ink that could be printed directly onto the fabric to create garments that have full silhouette reflectivity and improved visibility, even in low light conditions.

Although there is a considerable amount of reflective ink on the garments, they still feel comfortable to the wearer. IllumiNITE became known as a superior manufacturer of safety athletic apparel for runners and cyclists who wanted to be both comfortable and safe in low light conditions.

BackAtcha Apparel Is Committed to Made-in-the-USA

When BackAtcha Apparel first took over illumiNITE, most of the products were produced in overseas factories. Our small, family-owned company committed to bringing this production back to the United States. At our own factory, we can keep our hand on the pulse of manufacturing as well as shipping. To do this, BackAtcha Apparel manufactures most of the new illumiNITE products in its local facility in Fall River. We know that outsourced manufacturing rarely returns to America, so we're focusing on setting the standard.

Our team of dedicated professionals has the combined experience of more than 105 years working with apparel and textiles. From design to production and right down to shipping, we have experienced people caring about the quality of our illumiNITE products.

What American-Made Means for You

Choosing to purchase American-made products is a personal decision, and we want to make it simple for you to stick by your convictions. Here at illumiNITE, we design products that we can successfully make in our own factory. If we cannot make something well, or sell it for a good price, we will out-source it and tell you why. Many of our gloves are made overseas in factories that specialize in that product category. Every illumiNITE product will include the manufacturing location in the description. If you wish to stick with products produced here, simply use our search tool to look up "Made in USA" to find all your American manufactured options.

When you purchase our locally manufactured products, you can do so with the knowledge that we maintain the highest quality standards. We produce illumiNITE gear in small batches to ensure we catch any production errors and can fix them quickly. Each of our American-made products is carefully designed and constructed here, with illumiNITE Printed areas placed strategically placed to ensure maximum visibility from all angles for the safety of our customers. Our tight knit team of designers and quality professionals are all involved in the creation and testing of our collections and take pride in each piece.

We employ talented local workers who truly care about the product that they are stitching. Fall River has a long and rich history of making and we are proud to be part of it.

When you purchase an illumiNITE product that is made in our Fall River factory, it helps to support not just our company, but the local community as well.

We'll Keep Improving

We promise to continue improving our production processes and increasing the number of products made in the United States. We're proud of our efforts to keep American money at home, stimulating our local economy and giving our American employees a fair wage and quality working conditions. We know what this country means to us and to our customers, and we'll work hard to ensure our business practices contribute to the greater good of all Americans.