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IllumiNITE Reflective Technology is What Makes our Gear Unique


When you wear illumiNITE performance clothing, drivers have an easier time recognizing you as a human being on the road. Our special reflective ink is printed on larger areas of the garment, making the reflective areas visible from more angles.  Much better than the little strips and dots of heat transfer logos other companies add as an after thought to claim '360 degree reflectivity.'  Our garments have the reflectivity designed right in from day one.

illumiNITE's retroreflective technology captures the dynamic brilliance of millions of microscopic glass beads that, when printed on our textiles, act as mirrors to reflect light directly back to its source, seamlessly merging form and function to meet the needs of our active global community. illumiNITE clothing, gear and accessories enable you to spend less time worrying about your safety, and more time enjoying life.


Because we have the ability to place reflective patterns on most athletic materials, illumiNITE offers a wide variety of hot and cold weather options that allow you to continue your outdoor activities in safety even when the sun goes down. Out clothes are great  We’ve got bright colors for daytime visibility, and neutral colors that add visibility to your everyday street wear.

If you’ve already got a workout outfit that you love but it’s not visible to drivers, try one of our many accessories!  You’re sure to find a hat or gloves that will brighten your wardrobe.

And don’t forget your dog!  If you are walking your dog after dark, you both need to be visible to drivers.  Check out our pet collection—even a simple reflective bandana can make a huge difference.


The versatility of reflective printing allows us to design our clothing to meet the specific needs of our customers. We prioritize stretch fabric for tops and bottoms. If you workout in cold, wet weather, you’ll appreciate the wind- and water-resistant treatments on our outerwear that help you stay dry and comfortable in bad weather. Breathable fabrics, vents, and mesh panels promote airflow when you're pushing yourself to the limit. Moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabrics help you manage sweat.

And it’s not just the fabrics—we put thought into our features as well. We use flat seams wherever possible to keep chafing to a minimum. Many tops and jackets feature a soft zipper garage on the collar to protect your neck and wind flaps to keep out drafts. Our cold-weather garments have brushed knit hand warmer pockets to ward off the chill.  Zippered pockets keep your stuff secure. Try a packable jacket or vest that rolls up into its own pocket; you will no longer need to head back when you see clouds gathering in the distance.

Whether you're in need of a lightweight T-shirt or a fully insulated running jacket, form-fitting shorts or track pants, purchasing illumiNITE reflective activewear ensures every article of clothing supports your efforts to schedule your workouts at any hour.


illumiNITE products are produced in small batches using a personal, hands-on approach. This way, we can focus on the integrity of each item and make sure that our customers are receiving first quality products. With a team of dedicated, on-site seamstresses at BackAtcha Apparel, our garments are thoroughly checked over before they leave the factory to maintain the high level of quality you should expect from illumiNITE gear. If you are dissatisfied with our product, please give us a call or shoot us an email. Your satisfaction and safety are our main concerns!