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Add a product from our pet collection to your cart and get 15% off the regular price automatically!  Your best friend deserves the same kind of protection you get, so we've created an entire line of illumiNITE pet gear to keep your canine or feline companion safe. Reflective dog jackets, bandannas, collars and leashes let drivers easily spot your pup during evening walks, and reflective cat collars improve the visibility of your outdoor cat. Discount code DogStar effective 12:00 am EDT July 23, 2019 to 11:59pm EDT July 30, 2019.

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Women's Reflective Gear

Comfort and Convenience

When you choose clothing or accessories from illumiNITE, you're not just getting impressive low-light visibility. You're also getting a comfortable piece of sportswear that suits your active lifestyle. Water-resistant shells, moisture-wicking mesh linings and lightweight crushable materials provide the properties you need for outdoor activity in any season. Reflective vests that pack into an included carry pouch let you layer on protection right when you need it, and reflective windbreakers keep stray breezes at bay.

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Reflective Gear for Increased Visibility

Reflective clothing helps drivers see you on the road and avoid a collision. With normal sportswear, you become a dark blur at night, but reflective materials bounce back the light of headlights to keep you safely in view. With a larger reflective surface area than comparable reflective sportswear, our gear offers more chances for drivers to spot you. illumiNITE clothing keeps you safe whether you're biking along a busy road at night, taking an early-morning jog or walking your dog at sunset.

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About illumiNITE

We developed illumiNITE clothing to offer better coverage than other reflective outerwear can. Our special all-in-one reflective ink means there's no need for separate reflective strips or patches. illumiNITE is exclusively distributed by BackAtcha Apparel, a family-owned company with a long tradition in textile manufacturing. Because we're small, you get impressive customer service along with clothing we're proud to stand behind.

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The Right Reflective Accessories for Every Activity

Enhance your visibility with accessories that add an extra layer of reflective shine to any low-light activity. Glowing gloves and mittens shield your hands from ice, snow and wind while adding extra shine to your nighttime adventures. Hats, face masks and neck scruffs offer protection from the elements and feature reflective patterns that don't peel or tear off over time. Tote bags and fanny packs with our illumiNITE ink make it simple to bring supplies along on nighttime adventures. We even have helmet covers to turn your protective cycling gear into an additional reflective surface.

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