illumiNITE is Unique!

IllumiNITE Reflective Technology is What Makes our Gear Unique

What most sets us apart from the competition is our patented illumiNITE reflective technology. Most athletic wear relies on strategically placed reflective strips to balance visibility with style and comfort. Our garments are printed with a special reflective ink that provides total reflectivity, giving passing motorists a clear, full silhouette view of your form. The allover printing ensures our customers can be seen from any angle, minimizing the opportunity for reflective blind spots or misidentification.

Like tiny satellite dishes, reflective glass beads within the ink act as mirrors to ensure maximum reflection, even in low light situations. The result is increased visibility through the use of printed patterns that can be added on almost any fabric, giving you a range of stylish options without sacrificing safety.

Because we have the ability to place reflective patterns on most athletic materials, illumiNITE offers a wide variety of hot and cold weather options that allow you to continue your outdoor activities in safety even when the sun goes down. In fact, our illumiNITE technology is so effective, it's also used to improve visibility on job sites with our line of reflective industrial wear.

Superior Comfort

The versatility of reflective printing allows us to design our clothing to meet the specific needs of our customers. We offer maximum safety without the discomfort of bulky and uncomfortable reflective panels and strips. Polyester, spandex, & nylon are all suitable for illumiNITE printing while retaining the same athletic benefits we've come to expect from our daytime jogging or cycling garments.

We use breathable fabrics and include mesh panels to promote airflow when you're pushing yourself to the limit. Our styles are designed to be slightly fitted and many feature moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabrics to keep you dry as you sweat. Our zip-up tops and jackets include a soft zipper garage on the collar that prevents chafing, but still allows a wind barrier on cold days. Those who live in colder areas will appreciate the wind and water resistance offered by many of our products. You will no longer need to head back home or to your vehicle when you see clouds gathering in the distance. Our cold-weather garments with hand warmer pockets will help ward off the chill by retaining your core temperature and keeping you as dry as possible.

Whether you're in need of a lightweight T-shirt or a fully insulated running jacket, form-fitting shorts or track pants, purchasing illumiNITE activewear ensures every article of clothing supports your efforts to schedule your workouts at any hour.

Your Convenience in Mind

At illumiNITE, we know you don't need any distractions keeping you from reaching your personal best when you're on the road, so we work hard to anticipate the features that allow you to maintain your focus. Many of our garments offer side pockets with zippered closures to secure any important personal items you need, such as keys, cellphone or identification. Our jackets include large back pockets to carry your bulkier items, including water bottles or wallets, allowing you to keep additional weight centered as you move. Some of our lightweight jackets are fully packable and fold up into their own pockets, making them perfect for stowing or carrying on days when foul weather is on the horizon.

We Offer Variety

We understand that our customers have unique needs, and not everyone interested in reflective wear is training for their next marathon. That's why we make sure to apply our illumiNITE technology to a variety of products to meet those needs. Our graphic tees offer attractive reflective designs to enhance your safety without sacrificing your style as you take an evening stroll downtown.

We offer athletic wear for children so parents who wish to take their kids on a nighttime excursion can expect maximum visibility to passing drivers. We have even created reflective capes and trick-or-treat bags to help keep your kids safe as they roam the neighborhood in the twilight hours on Halloween, clearly one of the darkest evenings of the year.

Those of you who act as parents to your beloved four-legged friends also have a number of options. Glow Dog reflective vests, leashes and collars are just a few of the products we've created to enhance the safety of you and your pooch on your evening walks.

Proudly Made In America

While most clothing manufacturers outsource their production overseas, illumiNITE takes pride in our efforts to keep our processes on American soil. The majority of our garments are manufactured in Fall River, Massachusetts, a town that distinguishes itself as the place to be if you have a dream to chase. With the slogan "Make It Here," Fall River is a town that breeds the American dream.

BackAtcha Apparel can be found in Fall River MA and is the exclusive North American manufacturer of illumiNITE products. This family-owned and operated company is made up of a dedicated team with over 100 years of combined experience. They are passionate about the creation of stylish athletic wear that is designed with safety in mind. For illumiNITE, "Made in America" is the standard for their product and is built into each and every piece.

We Focus on Quality

illumiNITE products are produced in small batches using a personal, hands-on approach. This way, we can focus on the integrity of each item and make sure that our customers are receiving first quality products. With a team of dedicated, on-site seamstresses at BackAtcha Apparel, our garments are thoroughly checked over before they leave the factory to maintain the high level of quality you should expect from illumiNITE gear. If you are dissatisfied with our product, please give us a call or shoot us an email. Your satisfaction and safety are our main concerns!