May 10th, 2021

Well, it's been a year. Demand for hospital products grew over 2020, but in 2021 we've been able to ramp our production capacity for illumiNITE back up and we're heading towards normal. We've even managed to replenish stock on some key items, and introduced our Newport vest in a new, super bright Flo Lime color!

Almost all our employees are vaccinated, for which we are truly grateful.  We continue to clean obssessively and monitor information from our local health department. We hope that you and yours are also recovering in all the ways that matter.

May 4th, 2020

By the end of this week, our sewing floor will have shipped almost 15,000 face masks. Both face mask projects are cranking along, and we've also managed to keep our neck scruff in stock, and created a new lighter weight version for running in warmer weather with a face covering on.

Just to keep things moving as fast as possible, our designer and production manager are sitting down to sew whenever they have a free block of time. Mariana, our extremely experienced sewing floor supervisor is keeping a close eye on them.

We are still paying close attention to guidelines for keeping our workforce safe.  So far, we have stayed healthy and our turn around time for filling orders has not suffered too much.  We are thinking carefully every day about how to get our work done efficiently with the least amount of handling and the most social distancing possible. As always, we will keep you up-to-date if anything changes.

And May the Fourth be With You!

April 13, 2020

Woman working in reflective tights

As some of you know, our factory floor also makes supplies for neonatal intensive care units.  These are essential supplies, so we have been able to keep our sewing floor open.  We are also producing two different face masks for local hospitals.  Some of our employees have chosen to stay home to protect themselves or loved ones who are at risk.

Our facility is usually kind of...boisterous. There's always a steady hum of machines and banter.  Now, with fewer people staying farther away from each other and running fewer machines, it's a little too quiet.

Still, we're lucky to be here at all, so we're grateful to be able to keep the lights on.  Everyone is pitching in to do whatever needs to get done. Here's a picture of illumiNITE's president processing orders and returns.

March 23, 2020

Our illumiNITE production is paused and we are devoting capacity to projects that will help alleviate the demand for medical supplies. Our current stock is still available, although our warehouse is working on a reduced schedule to help limit person to person contact.  Rush orders are not available, and there may be some delay in shipping your order. We appreciate your patience!

March 19, 2020

As we are all adapting to the current reality of social distancing, school and business closures, and disruptions at work and at home, we’re finding it really hard to write a cheerful, business-as-usual email.  Our first concern is that our employees, our customers and our suppliers are safe and well.  We have been closely monitoring information from our local health department and government authorities. Shutting down completely poses an economic hardship for illumiNITE’s employees, so as long as we are able, we will continue modified operation.

  • Anyone who feels ill or has been exposed to COVID-19 will stay home, with extra personal time off where necessary.
  • Anyone who can do their job remotely is working from home.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing efforts in our factory have increased significantly. Work stations, equipment, bathrooms, break rooms, door knobs, and hand rails are given special attention.
  • Product handling will be kept to a minimum, and is delayed where possible.
  • Our sewing floor is not crowded and machines and operators are spaced an appropriate distance apart.

We are a friendly family company, and our business partners usually feel free to drop in unannounced.  We have contacted everyone and asked them to phone instead. The only visits we will be allowing are ones where physical goods are being delivered or shipped.

It is our sincere hope that you are able to take care of yourself and your loved ones.  If you can, contact a friend or neighbor to help them (and you!) feel less isolated.  Check on anyone who is elderly or at risk—a friendly voice on the phone or a few groceries left on the doorstep might make a huge difference in someone’s life. Say thank you to the workers in healthcare, grocery stores, and other essential businesses who are risking their own health to stay open and help the rest of us.

IllumiNITE loves American manufacturing. Our goal is to help keep all of us--employees, customers, and business partners--healthy and employed.  We are truly all in this together.

Our Warmest Regards,

The Staff at illumiNITE

A quiet moment on our factory floor