Men's and Women's Reflective Vests

Enhance your visibility when you're on a run with illumiNITE reflective  running vests for men and women. Torso coverage helps protect your body from the elements without overheating, and large reflective sections keep you visible after the sun sets.

These vests make a great gift for runners and cyclists because they can layer them over the gear they already have.  Help your loved ones workout safely!

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What Makes illumiNITE Reflective Running Vests Unique?

illumiNITE reflective vests, like all of our activewear apparel, are made with a special all-in-one ink technology that embeds the reflective properties right into the material. You get expansive reflective coverage that blends into the rest of the vest visually for a stylish, athletic look day and night. Our all-over reflective prints provide 360-degree visibility in dim-light conditions, so drivers and pedestrians can see you from any direction, making night activity safer. Our special ink-based process also means there are no patches or strips to peel loose during use, so your garment holds up well to the rigors of multi-day races and regular daily runs.

What to Look for in a Reflective Vest

Let your personality shine with a reflective vest that looks great over your everyday activewear. We offer a wide range of color options and sizes, and designs made for men and women support a variety of body types. Packable vests fold down for convenient carrying in a backpack or gym bag, and durable materials that resist water and wind ensure comfort during inclement weather. Vests with mesh side panels provide efficient airflow for better temperature regulation during a run, and zippered pockets help you keep essential items close at hand. For work situations where minimizing bulk is a concern, opt for a brightly hued reflective safety bib that slips on over your protective work clothing and improves visibility in both high and low-light situations.

Finding the Right Size Reflective Vest

Reflective vests for men and women from illumiNITE are sized based on personal measurements, so check out our sizing chart to find a perfect fit. Consider your overall workout outfit when choosing a vest, and go up a size if you plan to layer multiple items underneath.